The Curious Nest is home to assortment of found and created treasures. From French antiques and found objects to one-of-a-kind artwork created by local artisans, our hope is to present a collection of unique and ever changing items to complete your own nest.

The Curious Nest
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Andrea Savar is the house jewelry designer who creates unique and often one-of-a-kind pieces combining vintage French found objects and semi precious stones.
Visit her website at or come into the shop to see all her latest pieces.

You can also find some of her creations on etsy:

Antiques are our passion, we specialize in quality French antiques, religious iconography, jewelry & unusual 19th century curiosities. We also have a large selection of natural history engravings, vintage beads and found objects. We love to share our latest finds from France.

Our collections are ever changing although we try to find pieces from the 1920's and earlier with the majority being Victorian.
Come take a look in person and see what we have gathered or browse some of our treasures online on eBay or etsy:


We carry a thoughtfully curated collection of art from the PNW including fine art paintings, ceramics, textiles, up-cycled art, assemblages, paper art and more. Most of our artists hail from the Seattle area but we have expanded to include artists from Alaska and elsewhere in the past year. Come take a peek at what's new and support local artisans who strive to create one-of-a-kind treasures.
Fine Artists - Janie Olsen, Debbie Savar, Heidi Estey
Ceramics - Pilar Loizaga, Elena Wendelyn
Assemblages - Nancy Nelson
Luminaries - Elise Koncsek
Textiles - Sarah Bishop
Paper art - Karyn Porter, Karen Beason, Heidi Estey
Art Boxes - Debbie Savar
Up-cycled Art - Kim Groff-Harrington, Kathryn Arnett
Soy Candles - Debbie Savar
Soap - Formulary 55
For any request, you can contact us directly at

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